Blog wk.4 - Richard Brain (Club Captain)

4 Weeks into the Pre-Season Indoor Net Sessions, Dean Carter the clubs’ new Head Coach has proved a breath of fresh air. Working mainly with the first team players during the winter months he has provided net sessions with purpose, innovation and fitness in mind.

Each session is based around a 4 v 4 match based around differing scenarios to make each session unique. I know everyone who has been part of these sessions in the first 4 weeks has found them thoroughly enjoyable even if they are extremely tough.

All Players are invited to attend the sessions to make sure they are ready for the forthcoming season.


Blog - Coach Carter

After week one I can say with confidence that the willingness to improve and embrace new ideas is defiantly there. I was pleased to see all the players who were invited to the 1st team net turned up bang on time which demonstrated just how committed the lads are to succeed.

The net went very well with all the lads competing hard and that determination to win will hopefully become ingrained in the group making the side a much tougher nut to crack this year. The stand-out players from week one were:

Hannes Black – who paced his unbeaten innings very well batting for all but 2 balls of his teams allocated time, while also bowling an accurate spell with the ball.

Dave Kitt – metronome with the ball one of the few players not to bowl a single wide, also playing a steady knock to set up the win

Rich Brain – aggressive spell with the ball (call for the lid) and equally enterprising batting from the skipper.

Week two is sure to be tough session with cardiovascular work high on the agenda. Putting in the hard yards now will see the boys reaping the rewards come game time in April.

I look forward to seeing those selected at 7:45pm next Wednesday.

Coach Carter

Blog - Dave Kitt

With the new season fast approaching it will be great to get back in the netting groove this week. The club are taking a new approach this year with the hiring of a Head Coach for our winter sessions which will give a new dimension to how we train. A move towards more focussed net sessions and consequence based nets will test both batsmen and bowlers alike. It will also give us a chance to learn how to adapt more quickly in game situations. I am hoping that it will give us that edge to hit the ground running when the season starts 20th April and before we really have had a chance to net outside.

On a personal level, I am looking forward to building on last season. Following on from winning the bowling trophy last year in the 2nd XI (just!) I am looking forward to taking on the new role and responsibility of helping Rich in the first team as his Vice-Captain. I am hoping that I can contribute with bat and ball helping us build on the wins and positive draws that we managed to pick up last year. These improvements will come from putting in the hours in training and working on all three facets of the game.

I hope to see you all at nets on Wednesday night from 8 at George Abbott. 

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